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Welcome to FLS
Movement in warehouse and production

Engineering Office for material handling


Modern logistic processes
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Because movement makes the difference.



Welcome to FLS

Factory planning

FLS Michael Taddiken is an engineering office for factory planning.
Our focus is on planning of logistic processes in warehouse and production.  
Projecting manufacturing processes and conceptual designing of automation solutions is our business as well.

Technical documentation

Beside the factory planning technical documentation is another core competence of FLS.
The compiling of risk assessments according to the EU machinery directive, safety concepts conforming to European standards for machines and systems, conformity expertise and consulting are the topics.

We put things in motion.


What you‘ll get.


Factory planning – modern logistic

Panta rhei – material in flow
Essentially is the movement – standing material costs production area, time and money.
Too much warehouse stock causes standing material, oversupplied assembly stations also, for working stations are nothing else than a storage places in production.
FLS analyses your material flow and potentials. 
Modern is if anything flows.

Production logistics
Kanban or card chasing?

Modern intralogistics concepts don‘t only consider transportation ways, volumes and destinations – essentially for floating processes are the triggers. Only with the information flow the material flow becomes logistics.
For lean concepts the process steps has to build on one another in order to avoid too high or too low stocks.
A process is just as good as the appliances it is implemented with. Therefor for a modern process requires modern means of transportation.
Lean logistics, fork lift truck reduced factory? With a milkrun concept it will work.

Warehouse logistics
Is less more? The best warehouse is no warehouse?

With an optimal implemented pull production this is theoretically possible.
But it doesn’t have worked anytime
Warehouses have to balance the unplanned events and the planned time spreads in production as well as in the supply and delivery chain.
This is valid even more if the warehouse is the main value adding process like in trading or distributing companies.
If in front of, in between or behind the production – the warehouse has to provide the required material reliable.
Not more, but in no case less!

Manufacturing concepts
Everything handicraft?

Not every workstation can be automated but well planned processes on the place and between the stations will increase output and quality.
With the right preconditions automations contain sufficient potentials of economisation and quality will get reproducible.
But if supply and removal processes are not satisfactory the aims will not be accomplished.
With this also applies: logistic isn’t everything but without logistic everything is nothing.

Directly regarding to directive

Any producer or distributor of machines have to ensure the conformity of his products with the European machine directive when placing it on the market within the European economic area.
Precondition for that is a risk assessment.
FLS compiles for you risk assessments for 
  • new machines and systems
  • modification of machines
  • existing machines (post assessment)
  • integrated manufacturing systems

Operators instructions
Instructed to follow instructions

For the operating company as well as for the operator of a machine all documents has to be provided which are necessary for the safe use of it.
The operators instructions have to contain the general safety instructions as well as advices to remaining risks resulting from the risk assessment.
Mandatory documents are
  • Operators manual
  • Maintenance manual
  • Assembly instructions
  • Check log book

Collected works


Beside the documents required by the machine directive commonly further documentation may be necessary for operation or maintenance or may be demanded by the customer.  In every case an uniform appearance of the documentation is a business card.

Only safe is safe


The results of the risk assessment are risk minimising measures.
If fixed guards, safety related parts of control systems or safety advices, relevant is the execution conforming to European standards.
  • dimensions and distances of safety fences
  • selection of safety related means of the control (light barriers with muting or blanking function, scanners, door switches)
  • specifying of performance levels
  • arrangement and selection of emergency stop devices
  • compiling of safety layouts


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